Monday, August 22, 2011

Pick Pocket

I have gotten into this habit of buying dresses that have pockets and literally, I have chosen not to buy dresses that I like and are cheap just because they don't have pockets. I like to be able to put a PlayAway or my iPod on my person so I don't drop it or strangle myself with my earbuds.
I have taken to sewing pockets on dresses myself. This job was short lived
when I had to go to the fabric store for the correct fabric. What a waste of time.
Then, yesterday came and I once again had a dress without pockets and had a brain fart.
Why not make a temporary pocket? So, I did just that. It is just two pockets sewn together on the sides and bottom
that I can pin onto anything I have on. Yeah!!! Is this a possible invention? Have you ever seen it? Am I that clever? So many questions.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly a new idea I'm afraid. In colonial days, they tied a "pocket" around their waist like an apron and used it to hold their stuff with every dress they had on. But yours are a lot cuter!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...


Anonymous said...

I say, brilliant, too!!

Robbie said...

Hmmmm will we see this on one of those info commercials at 3:00 a.m.!

Melody Johnson said...

Yeah, I have seen them on belts which usually are elastic and have snap buckles.
Pockets are essential IMHO

Miracles said...

Hey, Tommygirl....I made a cross body one several weeks ago to wear UNDER my clothes. I'll take pics in a few minutes and email to you.