Monday, August 29, 2011

Pulling the Wool

These precious characters

are what I am looking for wool so we can create this weekend.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to find wool? I have some that I have already felted but I hit the 50% off everything sale at Goodwill and only came up with four garments. And
the biggest let down is the colors; grey, black, navy, red, not the plaids and stripes and prints I have in my mind. I haven't even taken what I have out of the trunk yet. I have been thinking and I guess the 'color' could be the yarn and sewing threads and buttons, etc. I even went to Joanns, thinking I could pick up a tweed or something but as soon as I walked in and asked where the wool was, the gal said we don't have that anymore. Can you believe it?

I am giving it another day and am heading off to go to Salvation Army and give it another shot before I start the felting. I just had a thought. I could dye some of the lighter colors. I don't dye here but I did have a few leftover dye colors that never made it to Florida. Now, that just might work.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I wondered what was in the book you showed. Just reserved a copy from MY library. Couldn't believe they actually had it and it was already on hold!

Anonymous said...

Too bad u r not closer....u could dig through the donation pile in my garage.
More woven wool than knit wool...but there is a lot.
Kay s posting as anon as can't sign in from here