Sunday, August 07, 2011

Say Cheese

Lately the downloading of pictures into the blog has failed and an error message occurs. It is very frustrating to do the same thing over and over with no positive result. I decided to break down the five pictures and download them in two separate bundles and IT WORKED!! I also figured out why. The pixel count is too high and I am used to the lesser amount that I get with my 35mm.

I did not take my 35mm to the city last week. I decided to use my purse camera which is one
of these two Coolpix, depending on my mood. The top one uses regular batteries rather than the rechargable ones. It has less pixels and is not a touch screen. That is exactly why I have it. The touch screen is a nightmare. Everytime you touch the camera something changes in the menu and a picture takes itself. It is way to high tech for me. But unfortunately, it is loaded with pixels (12.1) which would serve me mighty well for the task of taking a picture that can be enlarged greatly without compromising the quality. I am so used to carrying around the 35mm that I forget that you can't get all the bells and whistles that some other cameras can. While at lunch this past week, I took both of these small cameras with me and Kim and I played around with them.
There is a food photographing setting on both cameras. This is a picture of our nachos without the food setting, using the top camera.
This is the same camera with the food setting on. Why is it blue?
This is the touch screen high pixel Coolpix taking a picture without the food setting,
and this is with the food photographing feature on. Again, why is it blue? I don't have an answer but did find out that both cameras have panorama features which might come in handy.

Oh yeah, the food. The top plate is a play on nachos. The base is thin homemade potato chips that are still warm, with bacon, tomato, green onion and both warm ranch dressing and some sort of nacho cheese (probably out of a jar). The bottom plate is a wrap filled with pulled pork, lobster and a pineapple salsa, cheese and barbeque sauce. Yum.

We are heading to the city to spend some quality time with the daughter who just happens to be celebrating a birthday today.

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dee said...

Happy Birthday Tommy. Hope you have a lovely and delicious day. It is still all about the food....well...after little Violet that is.