Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It has always kind of bugged me when people start saying that summer is almost over before the half way point has even passed. My mother in law would comment around the fourth of July that it was too bad that summer was almost over. I guess it's because of school starting earlier than it did back in the day but to me, September is hot and June is not, and summer is weather.

In planning today's festivities, it was mentioned that we ought to hit all the fun summer places before it's too late. I want to grind my teeth. Maybe I am a half full sort of chick (optimistic)
rather than a half empty one (pessimistic). And here I always thought of it as just a bad pour!!!!
The basil part of my garden (the deck) didn't do too well with the second planting. I think it was because the basil was just a bunch of seedlings rather than a plant that had been more stable. So, I
had to harvest them and make my final batch of pesto for the year. The actual pesto making is a breeze; it's the taking off the leaves and the washing that I want to hire someone to do.

Now my pots look lonely and they are thinking that summer is almost over. I will have to have a talk with them.

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Margie said...

The "summer's almost over" has always bugged me. My mom hated " the days are getting shorter" when the days beginning to get longer were when winter was really here.