Thursday, August 25, 2011

Talking Heads

This is probably the best sandwich in the universe. All it is is fresh from the garden tomatoes that are salt and peppered on soft white bread with Miracle Whip. Yum.
A long time ago I went on line to find Amy Bradley's pre printed baby heads. I have had them forever but started making my own heads
and couldn't get into the pre printed ones. Then I decided it was time to use them. I think
that I was just not using them because they weren't the colors I was into at the time. I decided to rectify that by making my quilt colors
more in tune with the baby heads colors. Now I am loving the ease of not doing the heads myself. I have had an epiphany. Yeah!!!!


Anonymous said...

I kove epiphanies...and miracles!!!

Miracles said...

I love it. The colors are cheerful.

Jeannie said...

I thought my Mom and Aunt were the only ones to eat the fresh tomatoe sandwich! I made the mistake of making them tomato sandwiches. I used home made 9 grain bread and Heaven Forbid - Best Foods Mayo (Helmans)! You would have thought I swore out loud in church!!!

wpritchett said...

Did you print the baby heads onto cloth or did you paint them on?