Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Let's get back to some art. These are my favorites of a show that has 'text' as the theme.
This is a piece that had to be put on the wall in sections. That's Micky, April and her husband
reading it. I couldn't get a clear picture without being rude and I am never rude!!!
You could literally stand there forever and read all the wonderful
sayings. The artist Lora Fosberg and the title is 'I'll Give You Later If You Give Me Now'.
This work was done by Jean Bevier and is aptly named 'Beauty'. It is made out of
rifle cartridges, on a base that is reflective.
Can you tell what this is made out of? It is also done by Jean Bevier and is called 'Relax'.

It is made out of enamel painted smoke bombs!!!
There was a guy that did a live paint job on a Lexus. Can you believe that someone would volunteer a car like that to have an installation paint job? This is what it looked like when I first got there and
this is what it looked like when I was about to leave. Pretty zoomy, eh?

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