Monday, August 15, 2011

All Stitched Up

We had a great weekend. I finally talked my gimp sister to join us. She can't do stairs because she tore her meniscus in her knee and has to have surgery. We promised to baby her and wait on her but she would have none of that.
She can't carry anything heavy so I didn't get the piggyback rides I usually get. We managed to sneak out of the house while she was looking the other way and visited a relatively new quilt shop in the next town called 'Threadbenders'. Here is Anne, JeanAnn, Mike, and Peggy all at the checkout line of the store. I was the only one that managed to control myself.
The store is very nice and has just about anything you could want. The proprietor is a great gal named Peg West. We are already BFF's.
We found that we have a lot in common.

She has this no sew wreath hanging in the store. I think it's a must make for all of you. It's just folded fabric pinned to a styrofoam wreath. I am tackling my scrap drawer this week so I think a few pieces should be set aside for this. Hey, you could make different colors for different seasons. Get crackin!!!

We had a very stormy day yesterday and the net wasn't cooperating. It went off and on randomly. I kept me from wasting lots of time online, looking up goofy stuff on Google. It seems like every time a new topic of conversation comes up, there is something that needs to be googled and I google it. If the screen won't come up I can't do it. Therefore I get more accomplished.

This is just part of the work that was done this weekend by my guests.
Anne assembled nine patches to separate these doll faces for a baby quilt for her cousin.
She also assembled this project that had already been cut out. We are all lovin' this quilt.
She made one of these baby rings (and so did I) and Peggy made the little tote. Peggy
also made this little window quilt for a silent auction for her guild show next winter.
Peg's first grandchild will be born in January and she is already making this wonderful and soft afghan. She is using an afghan hook and the afghan stitch. She taught me how to do it (right handed although I am left) and I tried to do it last night while watching the final Food Network Star, but I screwed up, always ending up taking the work off the needle instead of working with it on the needle. I will have to rectify this.
JeanAnn did this pieced panel of snowmen for her DIL that collects snowmen. I
have to show you all the detail she put into it. I probably would have used checked fabric rather than piece it. That's why her work is perfect and mine is not so much.
JA's piece that has us all agape is this stunning work that we have only seen in parts before. It is both
paper pieced and hand appliqued. The background is pieced as well.
We all want to claim it for ourselves. I would hate to be the one to quilt it!! If I messed it up, I could never forgive myself.
This is what I made. It's that little book thing
that you keep pins and needles in. I made one for my sis too because she was busy doing something for me. There was a lot accomplished in the weekend sweatshop. We will be doing it again in October!


Anonymous said...

Must you accomplish so-o-o much; you make me feel like I am a snail!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work by all. Thank you for sharing. Rhonda M.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the dots on your needle keeper! It's so YOU! Can I get one too?


dee said...

Thanks for the show of quilts. You have such talented friends. That wreath looks like just the sort of mindless activity I need to pull myself out of this funk I'm stuck in. The only thing better would be to have a group of friends like yours.