Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More

New TV season is mind boggling. I went out a couple nights during the week since it started and I am already very far behind my regular shows and trying any of the new ones. I managed to fast forward through DWTS and was impressed with Chynna Baldwin. Biggest got a half look from me and I fell asleep watching Castle. I don't know as yet whether it was me being tired or a boring show. I will have to see about that. I want to watch Two and A Half Men this season and the show with Christina Applegate and the baby (I wonder why?). I know there are other new shows I want to give a look see but I can't think of them now. Let me know if you see a good new one. I don't have a lot of free slots opened but I am sure I can fit them in. It's amazing, isn't it?, how fast you can watch a show when you take out the commercials?

I want to leap for joy! I have accomplished a job I have been dreading for over a year.
I have completed an arsenal of flags for the yard so I don't even have to think of it for a couple years at least. The only damage that happens to them that calls for replacement is extreme wind and gradual sun sucking the color out. While I was assembling the flags and sewing them I listened to a Playback (MP3 book on tape)of 'A Town Like Alice'. It is a wonderful book to listen to. It was written by Nevil Shute the year I was born but it travels the many decades very well.
My studio is on one end of the house and I am forever leaving a path of strings and fabric bits on my way to the other side of the house, namely the kitchen. Lugging up the canister vacuum from downstairs just doesn't happen so I went on a hunt for the perfect vacuum last year. This is it. It is a Hoover Linx. It is lithium battery operated so no cords. It is bagless and simple to empty, really simple. It is very slim and very light weight. The charge holds for a very long time. I just keep the battery charger dock out of sight and this wonderful little vacuum can hide in a corner behind a door. In fact, I bought one for all the girls in my life for Christmas. I have repeatedly been complimented on it as being the most perfect gift. I love when they say that!


Anonymous said...

The PBS series put out many years ago for "A Town Like Alice" was good, too.

Cindra said...

I was somewhat disappointed in the Applegate premier... a little too frenzied.

dee said...

See if you can find the PBS series. It was very good although I haven't read the book itself. I think I saw it on Netflix and Hulu probably has it as well.