Friday, September 09, 2011

The Birthday Gal

I think I neglected to mention that Miss Bella had a birthday this week. She turned five on Monday but we had a houseful still so I put it on the back burner. We decided to celebrate tonight after work at Chucky Cheese; a first for her. Yeah!!!
When we leave Bella home we say 'We'll be right back' and when she can go with us we say
' We're going bye bye' and she runs to the garage door. When we return home from leaving her we say 'get in the chair' because she crowds us so much at the garage door that we can barely get in and so saying that has her out from under foot and waiting in the living room for some lovin'. I was walking by with camera in hand when she was in the chair looking up at G after his return from work. She is in a bit of motion as you can see by the slight blurriness of the pic. She loves her dad.


dee said...

Belated Happy Birthday Bella!

Irene said...

Happy Birthday Bella. I can't believe she's 5 already.

Robbie said...

You are a beauty, Bella! Hope you got a 'treat' from Chucky Cheese!