Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Buoy oh Boy

It is a sad state of affairs when I look out the window and see the buoys
that are put in in the spring (to differentiate the water that is used for swimming and playing) are being taken out. I want to yell out the window and say, 'Hey! Leave them in. It's still nice out!' But I don't. They wouldn't have heard me anyway.
Here are the stuffed peppers that I made and froze today. I am posting the recipe on Tommy Cooks when I am done with this. As I said yesterday, it's a weight watcher dinner and very calorie friendly. The only thing I changed about it (besides salt and pepper) is I reserved some of the cheese to sprinkle on top and I added chopped sauteed mushrooms because I had them and needed to use them up pretty soon. Try them; you will like them.


dee said...

I'm enjoying the cheers from family for an all "Tommy Cooks" weekend.
They loved the Ginger Rogers drinks and roasted fingerlings with horse radish paired with steelhead trout on the grill.
I made the chicken marsala with mustard and mascarpone Sunday and it got raves...sooo yummy

My sewing friends are coming on Thursday and I may make your chicken saltimbocca if I remember the prociutto.
Thanks for the delicious recipes!

Karen said...

Bummer they are removing the buoys already. Where the heck did summer go? Yummy lookin' peppers.

Irene said...

I tried to leave this comment on your Tommy Cooks blog, but it wouldn't let me. You forgot to list the beef in the ingredients. Is it ground beef?