Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This is just a heads up that I neglected to put in the protein in the Stuffed Peppers recipe but thanks to Irene, I have rectified the omission. I know that some people do that on purpose but that is definitely not the case. It's just a matter of trying to go too fast.

I have finally bit the bullet and sent this quilt off to my hand quilter, Marie. I have picked it up
so many times and done a little quilting but it's never going to get done at that rate so I have succumbed to that knowledge. The quilting that I have done on it is very small hand quilting (for me anyway) and I gave Marie the option of continuing very small or taking it out and doing it a little bigger which is her style. Either way, she will do a great job of it.
'Cherry Garcia' is now complete! Phew!!! That took awhile. It measures in at 55 x 30. Here
is the detail of it. I have now completed the eleven original painted resist pieces and their pieced and appliqued counterparts. I have a nice body of work for the year so far.

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dee said...

Computer gramlins have kept me from getting this posted 3 times so I'll go with that formula
LOVE Cherry Garcia. The colors are so happy! The wole thing makes me smile.