Friday, September 16, 2011

Eat At Joe's

Have you ever gone by some restaurant, or bar or store and said to yourself, 'I'm wanna go in there some day'? Well my girlfriend Micky and I were coming back from a shopping spree, and traveling in the countryside surrounding our town and passed by this bar that we always pass by. It is bright and clean and has an ora about it that makes you want to go in. But it's a bar, in the middle of nowhere. So Micky says' One day we have to go into Joes'. And I said ' How 'bout now?' She looked at me like I had three heads and said 'Really, now?' I mentioned that there is nothing like the present and so we, together, took the drastic step into the front door of Joe's Bar.
It was delightful. There were a handful of regulars at the end of the bar, that looked very non threatening and even turned all heads and said hi to us. They looked so countrified that they could have had a hayseed coming out of their mouth ( had they not already had a Marlboro and a beer filling up the space).
Micky asked very timidly for a wine list and she might as well have asked for a recitation of the
Gettysburg Address by the look we got from the bar frau. Oh yeah, they have white zindfindel and some other bottle which she rushed to find but we looked at each other and said 'No, no, no. We will have a vodka and cranberry juice.' (Oh, the picture was taken on my phone BEFORE we ordered; so there!)
They only take cash (which is pretty remarkable in this day and age) and as I was sitting, looking around this darling place (and it truly was) I noticed this lottery stuff. As I looked
further, and asked Mick what it was, and she agreed that it was lottery. But where is the cash register for it? Why don't they look like they do in the gas station? I asked about it and found out that it is gambling. She said that each one is a buck and you can win instant money, like two bucks up to ten or twenty. We were also told that she can not herself gamble there but she has places where she frequents that she can gamble but never spends much. It's something to do to pass the time, she says. Hummmmm. How about laundry or even staring at the tv?

We were happy that we stopped and felt very grown up about it.


Susan Turney said...

Lol...those are "pull-tabs". When I lived in MN they were in every bar and made lots of money for charity. The numbers on the posters in the boxes show what big paying tickets are left. We'd each put $5 in the pot and then divide up the tickets and pull the tabs off. Fun..and we usually won something. And they had full-time workers in the pull-tab booths!

Miracles said...

Did you feel at home?
That's the floor in your studios!
I can't believe you didn't mention that!!
Thanks for being there today!!!!
Love ya girlfriend

Miracles said...

I meant....'being there' supportively earlier in the day.....not 'being there' in a bar.....although, if I were there on the rod trip with you and Micky, we'd have a wine list needed. Regards to Micky