Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy (In The Loo)

Emmys; hummmmmm. Not good. I can't help but put in my own comments.

Two things stand out as memorable in a good way. When Jane went into the Mad Men 'office' and had a conversation, in the beginning goofy dance-a-thon through an apartment building (what was that?). Second, I loved the symbolism of all the women going up on stage when their name was announced in the category for best female in a comedy series, like they had all ready one, just having been nominated. Oh, I also liked the skit of Ashton K in the wrong studio.

I thought the presenters, for the most part were trying to be funny and weren't. Jokes just didn't come out funny. And why was Charlie Sheen there? I liked some dresses. I think my favorite was Leah Michelle's red sheath with the petal shoulders and low back. I don't know why Jane even bothered changing costumes. They all seemed to be alike. Bottom line? It's getting cut from my saved shows, pronto.

I am trying to complete something else on my list of things to do. Yesterday's spare time was
spent getting out the materials for my yard flags. It's always a hassle to change out the colors because some flags have had it with the wind and are just old but I don't toss them because I have to make more to replace them. That's my goal in the next couple days.

I got big kudos from my SIL Claudia and my bro Bill on my White Swiss Chard Chili
so I promised that sometime today I would post the recipe on Tommy Cooks. I will, I promise.

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