Monday, September 12, 2011

Girly Girl

I can't believe I have a brain cell working. I was making a grocery list for making stuffed peppers this morning and I couldn't find the recipe. It wasn't the recipe I have in my recipe box, that was for sure. So I went to my stack of recently printed out dishes that I get off the internet and there was my recipe. It wasn't one I happened across online but one my friend Peggy introduced me to when she was making weight watcher recipes. I remember it as being wonderful and it contained orzo. Anyway, a couple weeks ago I had thawed and heated up a late dinner for G of stuffed peppers. He said, 'you ought to taste this, it's great' and I said 'no, it has rice in it', and thought nothing more of it. I don't do rice (long story) but I can't believe that I didn't remember the contents. My only justification is that I made stuffed cabbage rolls the same day and confused the two dishes. I don't have a lot of brain matter left; it's going quickly. If you need to ask me a question it had better be soon.

This is Violet's 'playpen'. It's got to be eight feet wide or more. The floor is what she was so busy at helping her father put together. Notice the quilt in the left side? It was made by my mother in law for Peter when he was a baby.
We went to the art fair and someone said ' what a cute little boy'. I am sure it was because of the shirt because she had so many toys in her lap that you couldn't see her skort with flowers on it but there was a flower on her PINK shirt!!! Please, take your time in looking at the princess, I wanted to say.
We stopped off at a restaurant for a bite to keep up our strength and Violet read me her story about the caterpillar. She is very verbal with her gibberish and got lots of fond smiles from the other patrons. I just like to show her off. She's like a doll, only loud!!!!
The peaches and cream corn is shucked and sealed and frozen for future use. I think we need more. It's off to the store I go.


Anonymous said...

That's OK. Ryan was mistaken for a girl many times eventhough he was dressed in blue from head to toe. He was just too pretty to be a boy I guess! He's still pretty great looking if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was 9mths and I couldn't take the 'what a cute little boy' anymore so I did the unthinkable, I had her ears pierced and it stopped instantly! At 2 or 3yrs (can't remember exactly) she decided she hated her earrings...little gold knobs... and demanded that they be removed. She started doing earrings again at around 16yrs! All these years never once did she wear earrings!!! She is going to be 20 soon.How time flies and mom grows wings too!

dee said...

Super picture of you two beauties

Miracles said...

I agree....she should wear her earrings!