Friday, September 02, 2011

Labor of Love

We have a full house coming in for the long weekend. One of the dinners I was planning was going to be in conjunction with my local grocery store's lobster sale. They have placed a full page colored flyer in my grocery bags every time I have been in the store for a month. It advertises a lobster mania sale where, on September 3rd (G's birthday) they were selling live maine lobsters for $11.95 each with a limit of 10. The sale is to be from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. or until the lobsters are gone. So, I thought it was meant to be, what with the birthday boy loving lobster and all. The 10 per person limit bothered me because that wasn't really enough but I figured with another disguised member of the family, I could glom on a few more.

That is, until I was at the store yesterday and they were already setting up the area by the deli for the event and when I was walking away with turkey, swiss and salami in hand, I heard the plans for the lines where the masses were to stand in line. Scratch that meal!!! After all, it's not for Pearl Jam tickets!! I have since given the Sunday night menu and preparation to my darling daughter. Much easier!!
Lots of food is in the works. First up!!! Texas Sheet Cake that will just be out for anyone to nibble on when the mood suits them. Everyone has their own fork so no cleaning in between bites!!

I am already getting the ETA calls so I had better get crackin'!!!

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Anonymous said...

HB to G! The cake looks yummy!
AMJ is on her way to Iowa with Ty and JA is still in CA so I'm being a hermit again. Will get a lot of sewing done though. Enjoy the last of summer!!