Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Little Bit

My whole dinner for last night went awry when the butcher called and said that the veal shanks that I ordered for osso buco never came in. All of a sudden I was in a quandary with nine for dinner and no protein. The guy talked me into steaks and I just didn't bother to change the the sides. So, along with cold celery root (celeraic) soup, I served polenta with fresh corn added, and brussels sprouts.

This is the very first recipe that I have ever made that was all mine and done pretty much spur of the

moment. It all happened because I was organizing my freezer and saw that I still had lots of shelled pistachios on hand. That was in the back of my mind. Then I had a bunch of pancetta because I was gonna use it in the osso buco. What I ended up doing was take about 5 cups of
halved brussels sprouts and toss with pulverized salted pistachios and minced pancetta, tossed with a little s and p and a drop of olive oil. I roasted them for 25 minutes at a screaming hot oven (450ยบ). Every one looooooved them.

This is Claudia's pre sunset photo. Gorgeous!!!

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