Sunday, September 18, 2011

Movin' On Up

My daughter Maggie left almost a week ago to take a deposition in, of all places, South Korea. Her husband Evan joined in on the trip, and they plan on some play time in Seoul and then hit Tokyo before returning in another week or so. I am racking my brain to think of what I want them to bring back for me. I was asked by them before they left; really. Any ideas?

I was extremely proud of myself because yesterday I did all the dreaded things that I am always putting off. I started a list of things I have to do before I go to the class next week at the Crow Barn. I jotted down the first four things that came to mind and actually completed three of them. First up I sent fifteen quilts to my web mistress to update my website. It is an arduous task, especially because I was over a year behind. I have to get all the facts of each quilt and I am not good at documenting, so I had to go to various sources to find all the information and I even had to take pictures of a couple that I never got around to photographing finished.

The second thing I accomplished was to send in info for a couple shows that had deadlines looming ahead quickly. Having finished that (and it's easier than it used to be with on line entry) I proceeded to take the pile of business cards I have accumulated from art shows I went to this summer and bookmarked them. I always feel like there was a reason that I took the cards and hope that sometime in the future when I have time to peruse the various sites. Then I can chuck the cards.

The last thing on my list (double secret) entails trashing an already trashed studio so that had to be put off. After I finish this blog I will add to my list and see how much I can get done this week. I couldn't do any more yesterday because someone was waiting for me.

We went to Maria and Peter's house for a wonderful dinner. Before any food was consumed tho' we had to check out our little shrinking Violet. Yes, even with some substantial gams still, with all this moving around, the little legs are getting longer and thinner, making various movements easier for her. Here she is, after nap, standing on her own (a first view for me). Like Maria said, the firsts are coming fast and furious. They even had to lower the crib.
Changing a diaper is quite the battle. The very second you lay Violet on her back, she turns around. It's a little easier when she is pooped but still, it almost needs two people to do it. One needs to distract her while the other hurriedly does the changing and dressing.

Grandpa decided to get into her massive play pen and watch some tv with Violet. She uses his body for mountain climbing. He didn't mind at all!


Anonymous said...

What a little doll she is!

Miracles said...

I'm loving the happy face with teeth showing. If the grandfather can fit in her playpen then it really must be huge playpen.

Miracles said...

Ask for a Korean cookbook. I worked with a Korean woman that treated us to delish foods. I have her spring roll recipe....mmm