Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Scatterbrained Blogger

Here are some random weekend pictures. They are random because blogger keeps turning my picture upload feature off and then posts a picture that I did not choose. There is no segue here
but I can't blame myself; it's all blogger's fault. These are Evan's Sunday night pork chops. Not bad looking right? We gobbled them up. They were wonderful.
Here we have Violet looking at pictures of herself on the iPad. She likes all things electronic and she likes to look at herself. This is her looking at her aunt Maggie holding herself. V is very partial to cameras, any clicker, phones and video equipment. She will literally throw a toy away if she sees electronics in the reaching area. Oh, and she likes jewelry too. What a gal.

Maggie has been wanting to make this lime curd blackberry italian meringue pie that was on the cover of Bon Appetit so Sunday she did just that.
This picture I took of it does not do it justice. I do not have food picture taking skills. I should have taken it from the side like the magazine cover so you could see that hers was even prettier.
Let's end the day with Violet pensively looking out at the lake. I could eat her up.


dee said...

if there's anything cuter than those Violet cheeks it that Violet tush in the last post. Thanks for starting my day with a big smile!

Irene said...

Tommy, I use Windows Live Writer for my blog and it is so easy to insert pictures, crop them, resize them, whatever. I am NO computer geek so if I can do it, anyone can do it. I didn't have to change anything from when I used Blogger, so it might be worth a try.

Violet is an absolute doll - no wonder you could eat her up!

Cindra said...

You are so lucky to be close to Violet. Our little Graham, also interested in anything electronics, loves the mirror, iPad, Blackberry, remote control, the DVD player (in and out button) is too far away. Nothing better than all that sweet softness and gut chuckles.

Miracles said...

I can't wait to meet Miss Violet Jane. I want to squeeze her cheeks. She is adorable!