Saturday, September 17, 2011

Seeing Spots

Yesterday, via phone picture, I got to see Violet at the grocery store in the baby seat for the first time. This involved lots of sani wipes and addon toys before the first turn of the wheel took place. I am sorry to say that those store fluorescent lights did nothing for our girls red hair!!! I believe she is sporting animal prints; what a fashion forward chick my girl is.

Oh, anybody out there know as to whether those kind of baby seat cover for grocery carts are worth making/using? I have seen them before but not so much lately and was just wondering. I am sure they are so the wee ones don't do what my kids did the minute they got in the cart and that was bite on the metal in front of them. It's a miracle the kids made it to adulthood!
When I was making Grasshopper Bars early in the summer, I took a tip from the bottom of the recipe and have called it my own since. It is to line the cake pan with foil (real snug in the corners and sides). Besides
making cleanup (helpful to G) a breeze, it is wonderful for getting much nicer looking squares. These are lemon bars I made yesterday and you just lift the foil out of the pan (I used two turners underneath)
and put it down on your cutting board ready when you are to make lovely cuts. A nice warm knife (cleaned with warm water after each cut) makes perfect cuts. I'm just sayin'.

Now, for the my 'Best Thing I Ever Ate':
Malted Milk Crème Brulee. It is the easiest and best dessert I have ever made. The prep time is about five minutes. Really. I am putting it on Tommy Cooks today. You really need to make this right away. You will not be sorry. I used to make it long ago and kinda forgot about it. I needed a quick dessert for guests for dinner and it just popped into my head.

The brulee part is just caramelized sugar on top that you do right before serving. That can be done under a broiler or you can get yet another kitchen gadget

like I have for just such a process. It a tiny little butane torch that comes in handy for meringues and caramelizing sugar. If you are like me, you are on the way to the kitchen store.


Karen said...

Every time I see Violet she seems to have changed a bit more. It looks as though her "baby face" is thinning out. What a sweetie pie.

Miracles said...

The hair accessory to match the outfit is too cute!

Irene said...

A friend of mine who became a recent Grandma, made one of those seat covers. She said if there are 2 of you going to the store, they are fine, but if you are on your own with the baby, forget it. Since you usually don't take the stroller into the grocery store, you just don't have enough hands to attach the cover to the cart properly while holding the baby.

I always wanted one of those mini blow torches - I could easily have become a pyromaniac.