Saturday, September 24, 2011

Seeing Spots

My sister is here and she is a biscuit nut. She has one just about every day. Now, I have made a biscuit in culinary school but that was fifteen years ago and I have only made Bisquick biscuits for strawberry shortcake since. Silly me. It's as easy to make them from scratch as to use a mix and the result it so much better. I went online and did a little reading before readying myself to make her a batch. Three must do's stuck out in my research. Get new baking powder and soda. I was out of code with both them and was surprised because I use them quite a bit. The second thing that seemed to stand out in all suggestions was to manipulate the dough as little as possible. Last? which was the hardest to do was to cut the biscuits with a cutter going straight down, and not to twist them. The twisting action kinda seals up the edges and they don't rise as high. Oh, and they like to touch sides on the baking sheet and you would think that they would be better standing alone, but not so much. My sis Mike is having surgery on her knee (tore her meniscus) on Tuesday and I think the biscuits will help in her recovery. I used Alton Brown's Southern Biscuits recipe.

Last night we went to a soiree and I took a couple appetizers; my mini BLT's and my tried and true chicken wings (which I promise to put on the Tommy Cooks blog soon). I chose those two because they could be eaten at room temp and could bear up nicely in the cool weather of a house with the windows opened. When I take food to something and it goes on a dollar store tray it gets my famous dollar store sticker
in three languages. It makes me seem so worldly, doesn't it?

I have a request to find out where this fabric can be purchased. It is from my friend and I believe she took this picture in Puerto Rico.
It seems to me that it is a sheer dotted swiss and would be relatively easy to find. Has anybody out there seen this?


Mechelle said...

try she usually has some, email her if you don't see any on her site - not affiliated but i have shopped on her site.

Anonymous said...

The 'dots' on the fabric seem a bit larger than those of the regular swiss cotton so make note of that when you choose.

Miracles said...

Thanks Mechelle. I will search website. I took the picture in Corsica.

Miracles said...

Biscuits look great. I have up north that makes them from scratch several times a week.