Sunday, September 11, 2011

Show Me The Money

Violet alert! We got video (Flip) of V getting to a standing position!! A week ago she was here and couldn't get up but you could sure tell that she wanted to. Her firsts are coming fast and furious. I wish I could show you how cute she was in the video, helping her dad assemble a floor for her massive play pen. It looked like she knew exactly what she was doing; as tho' someone told her what to do and she set out to do just that! And she had on a pair of those jeans leggings; you know, the ones that are advertised that are supposed to make everyones butt look good? I don't think so. Yeah, maybe in baby miniature but not my rear end!!! I will be joining her later this morning for a stroll in a local art fair. It's never too early for art!

Each and every time I say to G, 'do you want a BLT for lunch?' I think he is gonna say, 'Not again!' but he never does. I found that if I cook the bacon (two lbs at a time) in the oven and then just refrigerate it until BLT time, I just throw it under the broiler to crisp and heat and I have the easiest lunch staple ever.
The old garden is not failing as far as the amount of tomatoes it gives us only I am noticing that they are getting smaller.

After golf we decided to go to our favorite garden store and get lots of newly harvested vegetables and fruits to store away for the winter. I was more than surprised to see the prices. It is almost mid September and red peppers are still $1.80 each? Peaches are $24.95 for a half bushel? Peaches that are harvested just miles away? That's crazy. I don't pay much attention to news but I haven't heard that crops failed this year, especially locally.

We ended up with just corn on the cob, which we will shuck and bag and freeze
and green peppers (3 for a buck). They will be utilized for both stuffed peppers to freeze and just cleaned and sliced to freeze. When I use frozen peppers I can never get them crisp again but 99% of what I use them for is in soups, chili's and stews so it doesn't matter. If I need a crisp pepper I just run to the store and pay $8 for one. Ha ha ha, Tommy's funny.


Anonymous said...

This week's bargain at our farmers market was a half bushel of nectarines for $12! I didn't get them because I was walking that day and could not see myself dragging a half bushel along the sidewalk all the way home. But they sure looked good!

Miracles said...

That's how I make bacon.....a pound in the oven, freeze, then crisp as needed. It doesn't curl up in the oven!

Miracles said...

I wonder why Violet is so smart.