Sunday, September 25, 2011

To The Point

I am kicking my company out of the house because the car is packed and ready to head south for yet another dye class with Carol Soderlund.
Except for fifty meters of PFD white cotton, this isall I was instructed to bring with me.
I am really looking forward to the class and will tell you all about it.

But now, the best deal I have happened on in a very long time, and that is finding fennel bulbs as big
as a large man's fist and priced by the bulb rather than the weight. I happened into Meijer's and saw the sign, five fennel bulbs for $5!!!! This picture was the second time I hit the store for more fennel. We figured out that at $1.49 a pound the five buck take would be around nine bucks instead. Plus, I just hate to pay for the tops when I cut them off and throw them away. I looked up on line that you can easily freeze it, whole or sliced. (Oh, and fresh dill freezes very nicely too, it said). Whenever I go to look for fennel I find tiny, overpriced fennel with more fronds that bulb, that is, if I can even find any at all! I decided to slice it
and freeze it in 8 c. bags. I looked up my favorite fennel gratin and that is how much it calls for if you double the recipe and I always double everything. I am as happy as a clam!!!
This is what the knife slits in my island look like right now. That is because I am taking advantage of the time away from home to send all my knives but one to the
Knife Spa. They will be lavishly attended to and come back in a week as sharp and on the ball as can be. I am leaving the red tomato knife for G to use in case he can't get the pizza or the chinese take out cartons opened. I am always looking out for my man.


Synthia said...

You are so good!!! What a gal.

Miracles said...

Great score on the fennel and perfect timing to get knives sharpened.

dee said...

Safe travels Tommy. Hope you have a great experience. Carol's class always gets fantastic reviews

We have come to love fennel sliced into our salads and that price is so low.