Sunday, October 16, 2011

Before And After

My daughter in law Maria is an actor. She did a print add when she was pregnant

and these many months later, she finally got to see some of the shots. Kind of interesting that she has on a violet color, wouldn't you say?

Speaking of the devil, look at
our girl last weekend playing in the pool at Aunt Maggie's house. I just love this stalking, menacing look Violet has on her face. That will probably be the last time that she will get
to put on this tankini for an outside dunk for the season. Back to Maria; she is doing a three day shoot for a grocery store commercial which isn't far from our house so we will have the honor of hosting Violet for a few days. Maria will be able to spend some time with us, probably coming and going depending on her schedule of playing, of all things, a MOM!!!


Anonymous said...

I remember that you mentioned these last year. The wood curl wreaths. In case the link doesn't work, they are at Brookstone, search on wood curl wreath. (I liked them also.)

Anonymous said...

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Miracles said...

Lovely print ad picture for VJ to see when she gets older