Sunday, October 09, 2011

A Die Hard Fan

I am now a hockey fan. The game was amazing.
The last time I went to a Blackhawk game was probably 20 or more years ago. Our seats were on the floor (we were guests of someone G had work dealings with) and it was very loud, and players were crashing into the plexiglas right in front of us, and more often than not, they were bloodied with all the fighting that they were doing. The fans were obnoxiously obtrusive and there was banging on every surface that the fans could find to pound.

That has all changed. The rules have changed eliminating the mass fighting and penalties. The stadium, although no longer new, is now conducive to noise elimination and better viewing. G explained lots to me and I was shocked to see the stamina of the young players. I was exhausted just watching them. The game is now more about gamesmanship than beating the crap out of the other team. I sat in between G and his brother John and could actually hear what they said to me. And they have good chardonnay, although as in any sporting event, pricey. Hey, a girl needs her creature comforts!!

All I could see were jerseys with 88 and Kane on the back. Now I will have to get my own seeing as how my maiden name is Kane. I am thinking, maybe a black base color ( maybe the visitor Hawk colors? I forgot to ask) with some bedazzling on it. And I don't want the press on letters; I want the same kind that G has. The numerals and name are beautifully appliqued on. (I remember last year that G came home with a jersey and showed me the stitching and I thought to myself, this is the guy that asks me what am I knittin' no matter what I am doing in the studio and actually was forced to go to my solo show.!) And the horizontal stripes on the bottom of the jersey that go right on the derrière may need to be eliminated. After all, who needs to look bad just because you have become a fan?

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