Friday, October 14, 2011

The Dirty Trail

I got to thinking that I take the laundry shoots for granted and I guess it's because I have done lots of renovation and building and often found the ability to put in a shoot. Nowadays tho', lots of houses have the laundry facilities on the floor where they spend the most time or by their bedrooms where most of the clothing ends up anyway. The last house (right in the heart of Chicago) we did had both. The house we bought was one of those very skinny three levels and a basement so that half of the finished product already had shoots and the laundry was in the basement. We built an addition to the house that ended up being two story with a great room off the kitchen and the master and studio upstairs. We installed those washer dryer combos in the closet off the bathroom and that was very convenient.Anyway, just so that you can get to know me a little better, here is a peek into the master bath and it's hidden shoot. This is on the second floor.
Here is the shoot on the main level of the house. It is smack in between the refrig and the ovens.
This is where it ends up on the lower level. It falls out as you open the door onto a counter. Sometimes, depending on towels and sheets, this can be a very large tower of dirty clothes.
As I am scurrying around after dinner to get caught up with the laundry, my two house mates are taking a snooze after a little too big of a dinner. Aren't they cute?

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Cindra said...

I love how Bella has her paw over G's foot. so sweet.