Thursday, October 20, 2011


Weather wise, we are are having crap. We have had mercilessness winds for three days. Everything is either tied down, or airborne. Our house phone is sparadic and because it doesn't work, I can't find my cell phone (not that it ever works here anyway). I can't even believe the internet works.
The waves are comparable to Hawaii and we have no beach; the water is up to the sea wall.
I am in the process of finishing up gutting five turkey breasts to make tetrazzini for thirty for tomorrow night. I used to buy the breasts already cooked in the deli because all the cleaning of fat and bone were done for me but when the price went from $6.99 each for one breast half to $9.99 in the course of one month, I decided to buy the much bigger frozen turkey breasts at a fraction of the cost. I can get a six pounder for just under $12. I just hate the thawing. I never plan ahead far enough for the thawing not to be a pain. I have had bobbing turkeys in the sinks full of ice cold water. The were thawed by the morning and cooked through. I better get back to the harvesting of the meat!!!

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Miracles said...

Turkey Tetrazzini for THIRTY......too much work for me! Let's go surfing!