Monday, October 10, 2011

The Latest List

Boy, did I ever screw up yesterday. I was looking for my crab cake recipe to make them and when I went to the list of recipes on Tommy Cooks and clicked on it, it wouldn't come up. One thing led to another and I ended up deleting the whole list of recipes. I spent a couple hours going through multiple steps to redo the list. It was mind numbing and I am still not done. So bear with me.

Yesterday was all squash all day. It all started with last weeks list of things to do. Oh, what the heck, here's the list.
First off, unpack and put away. That refers to the week I was gone and besides all my personal stuff and clothing, I had tons of stuff required for my Carol class.

Next is do upstairs quilts. I had about 30 quilts laying on a murphy bed in a quasi storage room that I needed to hang and put away in their closet.

5 quilt tops; as you can see, I have all the checklist crossed off and although I did all the piecing for the tops, the borders did not all get on. I cut borders and backing for all five in a assembly manner and two of the borders and backs were sewn together but the other three are waiting for me to finish today. I felt justified in crossing it off the list because in my minds eye, what I finished was what I had envisioned. Did I really need to explain that? Something is seriously wrong with me.

Finish up class stuff was to put my True Colors dye book together which I did but I am still waiting for the email with the form to mount my gradations on. That's on this weeks list!!!

Fix dress. I did and will blog it soon. I am running out of time this morning.

Figure out DLR dress; what does that mean, you ask yourself? It's a store where I bought a dress that I needed to tweak because it had a hideous bow on the belt that had to go. It's gone.

Repair flag. That should have said flags but I understood that. There was grueling wind here while I was gone and it damaged some of my flags. Three took off, right from their flagpoles and G retrieved two in neighbors yards but the other one is still in sight, high on telephone wires and twisted vigorously. It's not going anywhere. The two retrieved ones needed a little mending. The three flags I have on the lake side of the house always need to be cable tied to their base because they always wanted to take off. They remained in place during the wind storm but were so heavily damaged that they said their goodbyes and are out in the garbage can.

I made cookies for the kids. I knew I would be seeing them all at the weeks end and like to take them a treat when we meet up. I made Chocolate Raspberry Crumble Bars and will blog those soon.

Library list refers to a running list of books that I have read. Often times I go and check out the same book I read last year or so and to eliminate this somewhat, I now type an ongoing list of things that I have read. It is now all caught up.

Cookbook is short for my taking a bunch of recipes I have collected over the years, either rushing to the printer when I see something on food network that catches my eye or saving something out of a magazine, and organizing them somehow. Here is where I got completely carried away. I organized various notebooks into categories of food and put ones I have made and liked into one notebook and put the other stuff in categories so they would be easier to find of things I want to make. All the other stuff, either I have no more interest in the recipe or I have made it and wouldn't make it again, went into the circular file. That is where I saw tons of squash recipes that I never have tried. Hence, all squash all day.

I have run out of time so squash will have to wait until tomorrow. I will close with the last thing on last weeks to do list.

When I attend a class I jot down various artists we have mentioned in class that I'm not familiar with, places to purchase (much needed!!!!) stuff I don't have, ya know, stuff like that. I then check when I get home to see if there needs to be any follow up. I was almost gonna order a Rex Ray book but decided that although his stuff is interesting, it's pretty much all the same and so I ended up taking a pass.

Now I am on to this weeks list.


Anonymous said...

Whew, I'm all worn out just reading about what you've done.

Miracles said...

TO ANONYMOUS.....I'm having anxiety picturing myself doing all that in a week.