Sunday, October 02, 2011

Lazy Day

I haven't unpacked yet and therefore my cool stuff from my class are still not available. I do, however, have some random shots that I would like to show you.
We had one guy in our class from Tennessee who is quite the long arm quilter. He showed us a few of his quilts and this one was my favorite. It is very simple but very striking. It would make a nice design for a duvet cover.
He carried the basic theme of the quilt into the design for his quilting. He's very good. This guy really got into the dyeing theme. He had a different dyed button down shirt for each day. That's considerably more thought that I put into what I am gonna wear while dyeing. I think of it more like, what don't I care if it gets ruined.
Jayne did this tray dyeing and I think it is the best work that came out of the random color mixing. If it was sold by the yard in a store, I would buy it.
This was a piece in the same tray, before she added whatever she did to get the blues. Carol supplied those long trays that we used to wet pre pasted wallpaper with. I guess for awhile you couldn't find those trays except in one of those old mom and pop hardware stores that have just about anything. When the wallpaper usage dwindled (I blame Martha) so did the supplies needed to complete the job. From what Carol says, there is a resurgence in wallpaper use.
Hey, all I can say is not on my watch. I hate the stuff; almost as much as I dislike drapes or curtains or anything that is a dust collector. I am way to lazy for all that clutter.


Robbie said...

We use those cheap sleds kids have in winter for our trays! Work like a charm! Look forward to seeing your dye pics!

Miracles said...

I want to go play in your studio as soon as you get back down here!

patty a. said...

Check in the concrete aisle at the home improvement store for a plastic concrete mixing tray. I have one that blew into my yard one day and I think it would work perfect for tray dyeing.