Saturday, October 15, 2011

May I Help You?

There is a town that I know very well in Illinois, very close to where we raised the kids. It is Oak Park, Ilinois (known mostly for Frank Lloyd Wright), and they are itching to be the first town in the country to ban eating

in the car. When G first told me this, I started to laugh. It was a joke right? I have been eating while driving since I got my license. In fact, when I feel the first tinge of being tired, I pull over and get something to munch on to keep we alert. Half of the enjoyment of a road trip is deciding where to stop and then stopping for something that you wouldn't normally indulge in ( fries, big macs, double cheeseburgers, ya know). I have never thought of it as a distraction.

When we are on the road and someone was driving slow to the point of irritation or erratic, you would think they were under the influence, back in the day. Now, nine out of ten times it is someone on the phone or someone looking down (most likely texting). Yes that bothers me. Especially the texting part. Maybe it's because I don't text. The phone, if you are holding it up to your ear, bothers me. I don't do that either because I have hands free (which is the law in Chicago).

I see a pattern emerging here. I am bothered by the distractions while driving that I don't do. Hummm. Interesting. I get it. Distractions are distractions. Large flashing overhead signs are a distraction. Billboards are distracting. Even some cars and drivers can take away your attention. Plackards on windows (baby on board, etc) are distracting. The advertisement on the sides and back of trucks and cars are distracting. I personally don't care if Oak Park passes the ban. I can refrain from having something in my mouth for the short cut through time I will spend in the town. I think all of the things that contribute to not paying attention to the road ahead should be seriously addressed. After all, my little Violet could be in the next car over.


Anonymous said...

I heard that texting while driving is the equivalent of ingesting 4 alcholic drinks, as far as perception and attention. I agree with not dining on a steak and potato dinner while driving through town, but munching on chips and M&M's...come on!

Irene said...

Texting or talking on a cell phone is illegal here (Ontario, Canada) but I see dozens of people every day that still do it. Maybe it's an age thing - the young think they are invincible while hopefully we know better.