Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Gal

It is eerily quite here at home because Violet left for home a little while ago. Her mom had a very successful commercial shoot and she even gave me some still shots she took on the set. I am vicariously living the actress life through her!!! I have to go through the pictures and so will probably blog them tomorrow.

It was great fun having Violet. Our house is not childproofed and with the stairs and everything, it takes a mountain to watch over her. I did not want to return her to her parents with a cut or scrape or bruise.
Her hair is starting to lose it's red (just as her dad did back in the day)
and it is starting to curl in the back. It's weird how their hair grows so little when everything about a nine month old changes every day.

Violet is a most perfect child and rarely cries but for some reason every time she came around the corner into the kitchen she started crying. The first day, before her mother left I said that it was this throw rug she didn't like and both her mom and G kinda gave me the look like, yeah, right. Well here is rug. For one day and night she wouldn't come into the kitchen without crying so G suggested that I may be right after all and turned the rug over. I swear to you, that was it. For two more days she was happy to come into the kitchen with the rug turned over. It only took me two days to figure I should document this so last night I was at the ready for
every time she came in.
These are all different trips in to the kitchen and every time (maybe thirty in an hour) she would go over to the rug and check out the underside.
Every time. She had no fear as long as she could be the one that chose to look at the top

side. G suggested that she was over the rug fear and turned it around, and the tears came back. What a hoot she is.

I made a containment for Violet in the studio. She is in her booster seat that she is strapped into
and it is strapped onto the kitchen chair that just happens to have wheels. I put her between two arms of the studio chairs and laid a quilt over the two arms for a table. Bella was a very good sitter. If I could only teach the dog to pickup the dropped toys, I would give her an allowance!!!


spikemuffin said...

I tried to pinch those cheeks but my fingers hit the screen on my laptop!

Pammyfay said...

Your two perfect angels in one cute photo! Adorable!