Monday, October 17, 2011


Here we have the baby monitoring the baby monitor. She is clearly a control freak. This is the first time since she was born that she woke up to someone other than her mom or dad. So far so good, but I know she is always looking to see or hear her mom. We are poor substitutes for the real thing. Oh well, we'll just get more toys!!!

Oh, and G actually asked, before he left for work, 'What's she gonna wear today?' Can you believe it?


Miracles said...

Adorable! I wonder how many times a day you change her outfit.

maggie zakka said...

i want one- a grandchild that is!!she's so sweet and cute, hmmm...and g questioning the wardrobe?? may be time to go shopping!

Anonymous said...

Funny, grandfathers and grandmothers seem to want to make up for what they missed out with their own children! Bet he never asked what his own kids were going to wear!