Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Post Production

Have you heard of a soup exchange? It's basically an excuse to get together with your palsa nd I love the premise. The hostess makes some soup and whatever else she wants to serve and the guests get dinner and if they choose, they can bring containers of soup to swap. It's pretty much like a cookie exchange without the sugar coma. I think I am gonna host one of these in Fl.
Speaking of soup, this is my sib's Taco Soup that is simple and wonderful. For a guy you may want to add more meat but for us gal's it's perfect. I ate on it for several meals. When dinner time came around on Monday night there was only a smidgin left so I added a can of shoepeg white corn, another can of chopped green chilies and some frozen turkey left over from the tetrazzini coma I was involved in last week. G added some hot sauce and loved it. Check out the recipe on Tommy Cooks.

Yeah, Tommy cooks. On my to do list was to get a few recipes to my Maria and

one thing lead to another and the porch table was filled to capacity with goodies. I know, I need some
professional help.

And it's not even the food preparation that's so bad; it's also the clean up. The dishwasher can only do so much.


Miracles said...

I'm in....don't start without me. I should be there 2nd week of November.

Anonymous said...

OMG, not only are your "recipes" and photographs to die for, your clean up in the kitchen is immaculate and to die for.


dee said...

We have a Soouper Bowl Saturday from time to time to raise monee for tte Food Pantry I run here in the village. It's really fun and a chance to try all kinds of differet tthings You might not normally try. Last year the soup makers printed their recipes and you could take a copy with your purchase. We made a lot of money and who doesn't like soup this chilly time of year?

dee said...

Something is seriously wrong with my key board....yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!