Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Production

I have just completed my last to do list before I head south. I have typed it in bold letters and have the completion of fixing Tommy Cooks front and center. I think I have retrieved about two thirds of the recipe titles. It's just that it is so damn boring. A little at a time is how I have decided to tackle it.

Wanna see just some of the stuff that was worked on here this past weekend? The girls were in rare form and got a lot accomplished.
Peggy pieced together this quilt of appliqued turtles and the snail's tail block for her first grandchild (boy) that will be born in January. The babies name is being withheld for now. The young couple have two choices but they want to see the little man before committing to one name or the other. Frankly, that's a pretty good idea. I have a couple friends that actually changed their baby's name after realizing that the one they picked out for them just didn't fit their personality.
Mike finished up the machine quilting on this pieced baby doll heads and nine patch quilt for a friend who will soon have a baby. It was her first quilting attempt after taking a machine quilting class and we were very impressed with the outcome.
Anne pieced this quilt top for her daughter's college graduation that will take place at the end of this year. The pattern and the colors were chosen by her daughter. It's a very fun quilt.
This is a very large quilt that Mike quilted a swirl pattern on the long arm. She is mastering the machine, little by little. This quilt was already pieced and ready for quilting when it came. It is earmarked for a girlfriend.

There was lots of other things started, or picked up and worked on a bit, here and there. I did a lot of bumbling around but did accomplish some productive stuff. Unfortunately,
for now, that will remain within these four (or six or eight or ten) walls.


Miracles said...

Always good to see the work your friends and sis do. I am so curious about what's behind the boxes.

dee said...

It's Christmas pillow time!!
Very talented friends. The quilts aree really great. I'm taking a course on the long-arm aa the local shop in Feb.