Monday, October 03, 2011


This is insane but do you think there is a reason why I have duvets on my beds up north and comforters on the beds in Florida? It was never a conscious thing and I didn't even realize it until just a couple minutes ago. Maybe it has something to do with availability, I just don't know. Wow, and what's even weirder is that I had the thought of duvets vs comforters in my brain at all. Oh, I know. I just saw the guy's quilt from class and the idea of a duvet cover popped in my head again. Mystery halfway solved.
These are samples of pure colors that are done in a gradation of hues. Now I have examples of hue to hue and their compliments. I have a sampling for each of the pure colors.

These are some of the examples of neutrals; the left side is with 1% dye solution and the examples on the right are the same but with 5% solution. These are very handy to have.
This is one of the assignments I chose to do and never got done with it in class because we ran out of washer and dryer time and everything seemed to come out of the wash at the last part of the last day of class. Anyway, this is taking two colors that I mixed by eye and combining them to get other blended colors. The little picture on the bottom represents an inspiration of color I used to choose my palette.
These are my pure color light to dark gradations that are just waiting for the pages so that I can mount them. I think I need a thicker notebook for 'True Colors'!

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Colleen Kole said...

These are just beautiful - Carol is so sweet! And a wonderful teacher.