Friday, October 21, 2011

Star Struck

This is Maria and her commercial daughter. The commercial is for a food chain and the basic premise, if I have it correct, is the little daughter is having a dream fantasy in the
store. By the looks of the cart and the attire, it is a winter holiday commercial and it centers around the seafood section.
These pics are behind the scenes so there is lots of cool equipment along with a fantasy igloo right in the grocery store. Oh, and that green thing? It's the new blue screen that they use (like the weathermen). I guess the green screen works better. Who knew?
Here is Maria with her actor fake husband and the actor fake seafood specialist.
The glass case for the seafood section is surrounded by ice sculptures of various aquatic species.
It looks like a very crazy fish department. I will be watching for the commercial around the time we get back from Florida for the holidays. It's not local but we get all sorts of cable stations so I am gonna be on the lookout.

I have to run to the store for some last minute stuff I need to finish the prep for the dinner I am helping with for Micky and her fellow civic group. My quilters are coming for the weekend so I need to finish one thing in order to clear my slate. I'm off!

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Miracles said...

The commercial looks COOL....