Tuesday, October 04, 2011


I am shocked that my Mikado plant has any living parts left to it. I water it a bit each day and G was gonna take over the job while I was gone. He forgot and now, instead of green stems for three of the shoots, they are beige. He regretted the inattention but blamed it on my not writing it down. I really didn't think it was necessary considering it was the only job I gave him! Live and learn.
I was gifted these flavored sugars from a friend that recently went on vacation. She saw them and thought of me. Is that because I am sweet, I wonder?
I hit the local library every ten days or so and I always see these overstocked or old magazines for sale lining the wall and wish I had some money with me. I chanced to have a couple bucks in my sweatshirt this past weekend on my way home and so gathered up a few magazines for later perusal. They are fifteen cents each. Sometimes the choices are great and sometimes it's pretty much Field and Stream and Family Circle leftovers. This time I got lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Do you want me to pass my back issues onto you from now on? I keep them for some unknown reason.