Friday, October 28, 2011

An Unexpected Visit

I am sure you are like me and often times you can know someone quite well and other than wait on the front stoop or hand off something in the foyer, you never get in their kitchen. Well, that is just what happened yesterday when I went over to my bud and fellow team bowler (the bond is there; we both stink) Barb's house. We are always trading secrets about gadgets and stuff to cook and bake and that lead her to ask me over to make cookies with her. Barb has an outdoor room complete with bar, kitchen, rec room (with tv) so most of the get togethers she has are outside.

Without being a complete jerk and just taking pictures of every thing I saw, I just limited myself to taking pictures of things when Barb wasn't looking! Her kitchen is one I could only dream of. She has a pantry I would kill for and a baking station with everything right there within arm's reach. She even has a counter top that she can take things right out of the oven (one of those big commercial numbers) and set them down without any worry of ruining the finish. I didn't even know that existed. I have tried marble, granite and an finally settled on corian for the last few counters. Not any more. I'll be checking in with Barb for her opinion.
She has a framed picture of different kinds of cold cereal shapes and colors. I don't.
She has amazing groupings of cool containers with all sorts of stuff in them. I love the bird with the mouse on top.
Little pastries adorn the corner of the counter.

I would have never seen this bathroom if I hadn't drank so much coffee. Wow, who knew?
The Chicago skyline is painted all around the bathroom and as a matter of fact, you can see
this very same skyline out Barb's front deck on many a night. This bathroom comes complete
with a Chicago reference library. All these things on this hutch are Chicago related. I seem to recall that sitting on the pot for any extended reading isn't necessarily a good thing. I am not going to mention it to Barb.
Coming out of the bathroom, I came across the dining room complete with the fall themed settings. I would have spent the bulk of September and October just looking to see where I stored all the stuff. I even asked Barb if she had a key or ledger of what gets stored where. Nope she says, pointing to her noggin.
I am gonna insist on a real fancy meal here. There is so much to see.
Even the flatware is in keeping with all the fall stuff. I went home and shined my Corelle.
Lastly, I wondered where they watched tv because the main great room appeared to not have a tv. I was wrong. Here it is coming out of it's hiding place. She even cleverly has a book with frogs on the top
that flips up and like everyone who has been there to witness the opening, I wanted to rush and pick up the book and figurine before it toppled to the ground. Such a sneaky gal Barb is, She glued them down!!!!!!


Miracles said...

Lots of cool stuff and tastefully done. Those chairs look like your chairs.

Robbie said...

Thanks for the tour!!! How cool!! i would have been in the bathroom WAY too long just looking at everything!! Now that could or would be awkward!

dee said...

Love the cake stand and the TV cabinet.