Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Add Ons

Here are some cool embellishments you could make quite easily.
You could exchange the boring cami strap with another or multiples. You could even keep the original and just add to it.
You asked me what to do with those random yoyo's you have from your grandmother or a garage sale or you are one of those freaks that still make them and need a place for them to end up? Well here is your answer.
Add the yoyo's to the shoulder of a tee and jazz it up. You can add beading like this one or just leave them on their own for a cute little ruffle.
Got a plain jane coat you want to give new life to? Here ya go; machine embroider some flowers and get some matching wool or felt
and cut out and string some three dimensional flowers. I love the idea of reglamming old clothes. I never do it, but I like to think that one day I will.


Miracles said...

I like the yo-yo cami embellishment.....

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