Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blade Runner

I was just emailing my friend Melody when I got to thinking about roller blading. She was the only person that ever roller bladed with me. No, I take it back, there were a couple, including my daughter and G but they never really liked it like I did. Well, I have hung up my blades for good; in fact, they are at the resale shop (two pair of mine and one of G's) along with all the pads and helmets (which I hadn't used after the first year; more than 20 years ago). It's too hot in Florida for me to wear all the gear needed to keep my bones fracture free and being over 60 with the arthritis trifecta, I think it was time to hang it up. But, even after a year, I still miss it.
I guess it doesn't matter what this child has on to enjoy looking at her. But, come on, what's with the sweater fitting and the matching hat that should be on a newborn!!! Who makes stuff like that? Violet is enjoying looking at herself by the smiles her reflection is giving her!!!
Maria sent me this picture of the two of them trick or treating. Violet in her cat cape protecting her from the cold and her Tinkerbell outfit, and Maria looking splendid in her Captain Hook chapeau. Oh, and an update: Violet is now walking, with the aid of her walker (laundry basket). My guess is by next week when I see her she will be walking on her own. I can't wait!!


dee said...

beautiful girls-both of them.

Cindra said...

Oh, dear, she is going to be everywhere now! So fun!

Miracles said...

Did you make that sweater and hat?

Anonymous said...

Newborn sized or not...Violet looked A-dorable!