Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There was a commercial on last night that I had to replay. It said that if you find a better sale price someplace other than Walmart they would give you the difference on a Walmart gift card. Instead of their old match any price, now they get the difference spent in their store. Very very clever. It made me take a second look.
My friend Micky is here visiting and I dragged her to a local private library for the book sale, which I never miss. I normally don't get there when all the good books are still there but this time I saw the sign announcing the sale earlier in the week than I used to. I first hit the cookbook section and we spent so much time at the section that we never hit any other spot.

This is what I walked away with. Micky got two or three others. I am into the old cookbooks so the top one was from the 1940's. I once had the second to the last cookbook named Star Desserts and I no longer have it so I remember liking it and so got it for a steal. At the end of the week you can get a whole bag of books for $5. I am sure I will be back at the end of the week.

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Miracles said...

SCORE! I think I'll drive over there this afternoon.