Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dog Anxiety

I ran Bella over to the groomer yesterday morning to get a head trim. Her couf was a bit of a
melon head. While I was waiting for her I chanced to see this new product that was all the talk
at dog park this fall. It's called ThunderShirt ( get it? like undershirt?). It a lightweight flexible
'jacket' that Velcro's tightly around the dog. It relieves anxiety and all sorts of things. I of course had to try it on Bella. She just stood there at attention. She really didn't move. I am sure it's just the oddness of having anything on her. I think I may get it and try it out for when we leave her for any length of time. Normally her breath is perfectly fine; but when we leave her we return to a dog with bad breath. It dissipates quickly but still, it means that she is tense and her acid in her stomach is reeling. My friend Kathy, who normally sedates her dog DeeDee for long car rides, got the ThunderShirt and used it to go to a trip to Atlanta, and DeeDee was perfect. There ya go.


Daughter said...

That shirt seems so fascinating. Curious why it works.

vivian said...

I've seen it advertised on TV. Keep us posted if it works!

Robbie said...

You know...I think this 'thing' must work...our little one just had 'female' surgery and I made her a belly wrap to keep it dry (yes, we have snow here in good old michigan!). Well, she's really calm when it's on and just so sweet...of course, once it's off, she's back to being a 5 month old puppy! Still loveable but I just got thinking about the wrap and your post! Makes me just go 'hmmmmmmmm'