Sunday, November 06, 2011

Falling Leaves

My email is out and has been for two days now. If you need to contact me, you can do it through the old fashioned way (phone) or through facebook. The internet is still working (knock on wood; that would be my head) but not email for some reason. I cease to try and figure it out.

Check these out. They are very thin aluminum spatulas with leaf patterns cut out of them. The one on the left is one large leaf and the one next to it is of two smaller leaves.
I was introduced to this process of making tuille thin almond paste cookies with my friend and fellow bowling partner, Barb. She uses a recipe for almond cookies out of a Wilton cookbook that has to be thirty years old. You make the batter and then lay the stencil down, fill in the cutout with the batter using an offset spatula and quickly remove the stencil, . It's a very quick process. I just ordered the stencil spatulas on line and they were less than four dollars each. You need to put them on a silpat or some other non stick sheet for your sheet pans. They cook really fast. When they are cool you dip them in bittersweet chocolate (or really anything you like).
Barb has a tempering machine (who knew?) so the chocolate would be beautifully shiny. When I make my own, I will not temper it; way too lazy for that. And, it's such a small amount of chocolate, who would ever suspect that I took the lazy and cheaper way out? Don/t tell!!!
The picture in the cookbook shows half of the cookie coated in chocolate but Barb prefers just a smidgin on the end. Also, like the round tuilles that I have made in the past by wrapping them around some curved shape, Barb just takes the pan out of the oven and immediately removes the non stick liner and rolls it up in a tube. The leaves have dimension with the curves and look very cool.

I love to learn new stuff.


Robbie said...

Way tooo cool!! I might just have to try these buggers for my fiber group holiday party! And perhaps use the 'stencil form' with some molding paste for art work!! shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone!

Miracles said...

Now, I have to look for those spatulas. Wonderful holiday cookies. Thanks.