Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Falling Leaves

Yesterday was a nice day, even if it was a little hot for me. But by evening the humidity was so high (the computer said 97%) that I almost fell when I walked into my studio bathroom. The slate floor was wet and I looked everywhere for a leak and so did G but it was nothing more than humidity. The windows are no longer open. The air is on. It's like up north; I try and not turn on the heat until in October. Down in Florida, I never want the air on in the winter. Sometimes I have to do what I don't want to.
I forgot that I had this picture that Regina sent to me that she took with her phone from a party we went to in September. This is a cabbage made out of chocolate that is filled with chocolate that our mutual friend Barb made. FROM SCRATCH!!!!! I know that I sometimes exhaust people but Barb exhausts me!!!!

Barb is a good segue because yesterday I had a couple friends over to make the almond leaf cookies
that I made last month with Barb.

I got my own set of leaf spatulas (they call them stencils) and I got them and a few other things from I probably wouldn't have gotten the 'other things' if shipping wasn't free if you bought so much. We're always needing stuff, right?
My favorite shopper, G, got the supplies and came home with almond paste in a form I have never seen. Usually it is in the little 8 oz can. This tube paste is seven oz. making it a pain in the neck to alter the recipe. I ended up adding a little Wondra.
and Millie got the hang of it real fast. I was in charge of the dipping chocolate over the water baths.
I thought about tempering the chocolate, and then thought naaaaaaaa.

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Miracles said...

I had a good time. Thank you.