Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Following

Okay, I am done complaining about the computers, phones, keys not working, and all but there is one thing that I didn’t mention that was close to catastrophic. I went to take pictures of Violet at our Halloween dinner when the camera wouldn’t work. It was perfectly charged but I tried it with Maria’s camera battery because it’s the same as mine. It still didn’t work. There was a CHR flashing on the outside screen of the camera and the inside when you look into the view finder. I didn’t ever figure out what was wrong with it and took pictures with Maria’s camera.

While we were on the road G and I discussed what was wrong. We had no clue. I had the camera manual and so we went through that and G found mention of CHR. It said that the card needed to be formatted or that it wasn’t compatable with the camera.
Then it dawned on me; I had a new card because I gave Maria a little camera and card when she went on her commercial shoot. So when I went to get one and was surprised how big they were getting. They were higher gb than 8! I chose a four because I have never even used all of a 1gb in the past.

We figured out how to format the card through the camera and spent most of dinner Saturday night formatting it over and over and it still wouldn’t work.

We went to Best Buy and after many many ‘let’s try this’ we realized that the camera won’t take that big of a card load. Two gig was it’s top limit. I don’t think I would have ever figured that out on my own. I went to the Nikon site and see if I can download something that will let the camera acknowledge the higher capacity but there are no firmware updates for a D50.. It must be older than I think.

I have to take it all back; at least the complaining part as far as Comcast is concerned. I didn't even know until I took the dog for a walk the full extent of the Comcast masterpiece. Just travel a little with me in my yard.
This time, instead of following the yellow brick road, we will be following the orange cable.
Laa dee da dee;
Keep in mind that I have a pretty large lot and I am not even
showing you the path this puppy takes when it goes into the shrubbery
or any other place in the yard that I fear
bugs or other things that seem to creep around Florida at an alarming rate.

The last time Comcast did this (was that only last year? Yeah!) it took five weeks and lots of badgering on our part (G's) to get them to bury the cable.

Okay, I have vented. I am done now.


Gayle from MI said...

Reminds me of the time a lazy Dish Network installer told me he couldn't move the outlet for my tv to another wall (there was already one there he just had to make it "live") and said the best he could do was give me 25' of coax cable to lay across the floor. Well okay but then they charged us $150 for that!!! Yeah they reversed the charge. I'm sure those companies wonder why they have such a bad service reputation.

Miracles said...

That is unacceptable. How will lawn get mowed?

spikemuffin said...

Isn't there a PVC pipe already buried that they just thread new cable through?