Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Our little Violet is all decked out in her new fall attire, which includes a sweater made by her grandma. She likes the park and watching trees move and kids move. She does not like bibs and can no longer safely wear one that is attached together with velcro. She has figured the product out.
It's almost that time of year again. I have decided to have my gingerbread house decorating party early this year (this coming Saturday) so that my sister in law Claudia can partake as she is coming to visit tomorrow for the Thanksgiving season. I knew I would lose some girlfriends because of holiday festivities but I still will have a nice crowd and for once in my life I do not have to fill up every chair I can find!!

I have the stuff out because my friend Barb is coming over to show me how to assemble them better and stronger. Gingerbread houses were a big thing for her family while her kids were growing up. She would spend days on big elaborate houses and the kids would demolish the house on New Years Eve. That's a lot of work for the wrecking ball.

I'm thinking about serving Ginger Roger's.

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