Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bella loves to have her cousins visit. She doesn't mind that she can't eat because if her food goes on her placemat, it gets gobbled up by either Bea (pictured with Bella) or more likely Chai (who is right now scouring the kitchen for fallout.

We are all having lots of fun. We have just about every minute planned until Sunday departure.

Now I will tell you about the caesar salad I had at a restaurant last week. The description on the menu didn't warn me for the difference in it and most other caesar salads. It starts with a ring of bread that is cut with the biggest circular cutter that can be cut out of the bread. Then I cut the middle out with a cutter a couple sizes down. I then put it in an oven to toast.
With the largest circle cutter I drew a circle on parchment paper and filled it with grated parmesan and put that in the oven to melt and maintain the circular shape.
After making the dressing I cut the romaine in about 1 1/2" slice across the head of lettuce. I put it in this foil pan and drizzled the dressing down in the fissures of lettuce.
The construction

us simple. Place the toasted ring on the salad plate and arrange the round of romaine in the center. Top it off with the parmesan circle. I put a little scallion on the top for color but the restaurant topped theirs with a grape tomato cut in half with a tiny micro greens. The presentation was very well received.


Miracles said... did replicate the salad.

Robbie said...

Very cool! But how was it to cut into?? It's like a cream puff..lovely to look at but hard to eat!