Saturday, November 12, 2011


Well, with out doing the math (which has been my downfall in the past) I figure I can

get four quilts made with the background I have cut out. I will cut up the big background pieces of the other four then change the background fabric for the other four. I will have wasted squares but I will stick them on the back of the other ones and make it a signature block. I got this idea by reading a comment by Beth. Thanks!

It wasn't that long ago that my sis and I were roaming through a store and I happened on some sweatshirts and desperately needed some. I have this habit of giving them to my guests to wear and then I end up with none. I had picked out a couple that day and in particular saw a pristine white one that I thought would be great on a cool day with jeans in sunny Florida. Well,
maybe not so much. I should have taken into account my morning coffee habits. And, this is only the first of many spots before ten a.m. There was no doorbell answering for me yesterday. So much for me and white.

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Anonymous said...

Are you saying you had nothing else to change into? LOL!
To answer the door........