Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have eleven projects almost done. Literally, they each have an hour or two at the most to finish up. I chose to not do that stuff but rather de-clutter my house. We are planning on moving eventually and I need to get rid of some stuff that means nothing to me but I still have hanging around. I have watched a couple of shows about 'staging' your house before putting it on the market and although I don't need design ideas (as that was my prior life's work) but I do think that less is more. Having Micky here spurred me on too. Actually it's kind of fun to do. It makes your house look weird, like after Christmas when you take down your decorations and for the first day, when you walk into the room, it seems wrong. That's easy to overcome. I'll just give it a day!!!

When my weary bones got tired and it was time to hunker down, I did manage to finish one of
the projects.
I finished the rolled collar on this little (I think I made a size two) duck sweater. It was a fast and fun project. Now, what will I do with it?

We are heading back north tomorrow for the holidays. I have lots of stuff I want to do today but I think I will concentrate on what NEEDS to get done. It's a problem I have.


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE sweater!

Miracles said...

I want the sweater in a Ladies medium, please. Love it