Monday, November 28, 2011

Wee Ones

I have about a hundred pictures of Thanksgiving. I think that I take too many pictures and don't have the ambition to sort through them and crop, delete, etc. I am going to make a concerted effort to limit my picture taking in the future. Yeah, right. Anyway, here's a couple of the kids .
Ella is six (the oldest of the kids) and she has more personality than ten of my friends (and you know who you are). She has chosen to wear her pilgrim hat that she made in school. I love the boots!
Page and Gracie are helping grandma with the crescent rolls. They were both a quick study and will make excellent chefs.
Violet is in the midst of her first cold and therefore didn't take her afternoon nap and was quite quiet. You would never know anything was wrong with her, that's how good she is. The four older girls kept taking turns holding her and she was always looking up at them admiringly.
She showed off her standing abilities to her cousin Jack.
Why Aunt Claudia was framing Violet's head with her hands is anybodies guess. Violet is having her Thanksgiving feast and because she has mastered jerking off velcro bibs and the ones that go over her head, I tried out this prototype of what I now refer to the body bib.
Here is the revised final version of the body bib. It has ribbing on the neck and sleeves and the
fabric is waterproof. This is the back view. She could get it off her head if the cuffs weren't there but it is even more than she can tackle. The fabric is something that is very new to me. It has it's own spot at the fabric store, along with all the snaps and binding to make bloomer type covers for diapers. You can cut it and it doesn't ravel. As I said, it is waterproof and along with that, it is stretchy and washable.
The color choice is very limited, both ribbing anymore and the fabric itself. I have made her a bundle and will look for more interesting fabrics. I could use a body bib!!!!


Miracles said...

What a great idea....a body bib!!

Ali Zeeshan said...

woow... sooo cute...
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