Monday, November 14, 2011

A Welcome Change

When I am gone from the house for any length of time, I always check on various ingredients I have before I head to the grocery store, because first I forget what I have and second, because the grocery store is far away. Yesterday I was heading out to get the missing ingredients for a dinner party I was having. I decided that I was going to make my malted milk chocolate creme brulee. I get back home and am well into the brulee prep when I get the

malted milk out of the cupboard. It's a staple I always have.
For some reason, I knew something was wrong with it the minute I had it in my hand. Rather than being lightweight, it was kinda heavy.
Actually it was quite heavy. I don't know how, but all the moisture or whatever was sucked out of the once granulated powder and left it a hard 3/4 inch rock at the bottom of the container. I know the lid was on tight because in Florida by water that's pretty much a given; that and bugs. Needless to say, I decided that milk chocolate creme brulee would be just fine; and it was.
Check out these corner walls that are in the nursery of my friend Peggy's, soon to appear grandson. It's really something isn't it? They are stickers that you can take off when you decide to change the room. Like Peg said, it's not about pink and blue anymore!!! (As I sit her sneakily knitting up a pink storm!)

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Linda said...

Love the tree! What will they think of next?